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Being a single parent involves many difficult challenges. It's even harder than it looks. single parent families deal with challenges all day, every day. Many of those challenges arise from being not only single, but also a parent. There are children to care for. And because you are the only parent, everything you do carries greater weight.

Organizing your goal-setting, and tracking the progress, is an important part of the entire process. advice for single parents can help their child set goals by creating a special notebook or calendar or goals all be written down and tracked. There are even a printable worksheets with spaces to put check marks or stickers when each part of that overall goal is reached. These are ideal for younger children.

The child who was the oldest in the prior family may become the middle child or the youngest in the stepfamily. The child who was Mommy's or Daddy's main emotional support during the period of divorce and through the difficult pre-step years will find himself being replaced by a newcomer adult. The child who was the center of attention in the single parent family will find that he may now take second or third place in his parent's attentions.

What's so great about the possibility of staying home alone eating ice cream in front of the TV? Or picking up your life and even your career after divorce? Or putting yourself out there, desperate to snag a date for Saturday night? Or dealing with children as a single parent quotes?

Holding one's own ground can either make the bully find another target or cause the bully to step up the bullying. I found out that some guys backed off while some would go get their big, weight-lifting buddy to "put me in my place." But, by making the bullying more difficult, I was left alone for most of the school year.

Single parenthood brings with it a lot of stress but this should not keep you from doing what you want to do for the love of your children. As a parent, go ahead and be the best you can be in your work, business and in your responsibilities.

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